$1,000,000 Nokomis Home?

Neuschwanstein No home has ever sold for more than $1,000,000 in Nokomis.  But there’s a new listing asking for that much.  5030 Woodlawn hit the market last week with Exit Realty with an asking price of $1,069,000!  Click here to see it.

It got me wondering…what is the most a home has sold for in the area?

In Longfellow, it was 4440 Edmund Blvd at $989,000.

In Seward, it was 2772 W River Pkwy at $1,149,000.

In West Nokomis, it was 5337 Portland at $815,000.

In East Nokomis?  Well it was the same house, 5030 Woodlawn.  When it sold last time in 2001 for $690,000.

Will 5030 Woodlawn be the first in Nokomis to actually sell for a million?  We’ll see…it’s a pretty neat house.


More Fall Maintenance – this time inside!

Ok, here are some more good tips – this time inside the house!

1.  Check all faucets, valves, and water pipes for leaks and/or corrosion.

2.  Check all waste pipes, toilets, and sinks for leaks and/or loose fittings.

3.  Shut off water supply to exterior faucets and remove hoses.

4.  Change or clean all forced air furnace filters monthly!

5.  If you have a humidifier installed on your furnace, check operation and clean.

6.  Check hot water systems for leaks around boiler and pipe fitting, check each radiator for heat, bleed as needed.

7.  Have pumps and fans lubricated according to manufacturers’ specifications.

8.  Check fresh air intake tubing, making sure outside area is cleared of debris.

9.  Know the location of the circuit breaker panel/fuse box, label all circuits.

10. Be sure you have not stacked flammable items too close to closet light fixtures.

11. Replace regular light bulbs with energy efficient CFB’s or LED’s.

12. Buy and install at least one fire extinguisher.  And learn how to use it!

A dozen useful fall home maintenance tips.  Surely you can check these off your list in a weekend?!

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

I’m sure I put this list out last fall, but it’s worth looking at again every year.  With the cooler weather, it’s got me thinking about winter (gasp!) and what to do to get prepared.  Here are a few outdoor items:

1.  Clear leaves and debris from gutters.

2.  Check to be sure the gutter extensions are firmly attached and carrying the water a good distance from the house.

3.  Study the grading around your home. Is is adequately slanted to carry water away?  Fill in the low areas.

4.  Spray water on the roof to see if there are any leaks, loose or damaged areas, or disconnected downspouts.  Check to see that water doesn’t overflow the gutters and that it channels away from the house.

5.  Caulk around windows and doors where water could get in, especially at the top.  Use acrylic caulk if you would paint the area, or silicon if you don’t need to paint.  This will give you good savings on heating bills.

6.  Check the chimney for loose bricks, gaps in the mortar, or other damage. Pull out those binoculars!

7.  Trim tree branches growing near the roof.  This will not only help keep them from wearing on the shingles, but keep animals off the roof or from nesting in the chimney.  Remove small trees and seedlings growing beside the foundation.

8.  Clean leaves and debris from around the air conditioner.  Turn the power off.  Don’t fully cover, as this provides a nesting place for rodents.

9.  Check the garage doors for good fit and operation.  Lubricate if needed.  Adjust auto reverse if needed.

10.  Check the caulking around the pipes, vents, and other wall penetrations.  Check dryer vent to make sure it’s not blocked and the outside flapper is working.

11.  Clean out window wells.  Consider adding window well covers for water control.

12.  If you have a sidewalk that butts up against the foundation, check to make sure the gap between the house and sidewalk is filled to avoid water penetration.

Skip the Convention! See the Town! (A Top 10 List)

With the tens of thousands of delegates, reporters, technicians, and families of in town for the week…

Top 10 Things for Republicans to See or Do During the RNC:

10.  Spend money at local shops (not just the Mall of America).

9.  Drink and eat on roof top decks.  Best bets:  Stella’s Fish Cafe, Joe’s Garage, and Brit’s Pub.

8.  Visit a lake.  We have like 10,000 of them or something. 

7.  Spend lots of money in Hennepin County (that will help pay for the new Twin’s stadium)

6.  Go to a Museum.  The Minneapolis Institute of Art is amazing, and FREE!

5.  Tip well.  It might just buy you a vote.

4.  Don’t jaywalk.  We have lots of crosswalks.

3.  Try a Grain Belt Premium.  It is, after all, a beer of exceptional quality.  Drinking anything else will just make you seem elitist.

2.  Visit Minnehaha Falls.  It’s more impressive than you’d think.

1.  Buy John McCain another home.  Let me know if you need a good Realtor!