$1,000,000 Nokomis Home?

Neuschwanstein No home has ever sold for more than $1,000,000 in Nokomis.  But there’s a new listing asking for that much.  5030 Woodlawn hit the market last week with Exit Realty with an asking price of $1,069,000!  Click here to see it.

It got me wondering…what is the most a home has sold for in the area?

In Longfellow, it was 4440 Edmund Blvd at $989,000.

In Seward, it was 2772 W River Pkwy at $1,149,000.

In West Nokomis, it was 5337 Portland at $815,000.

In East Nokomis?  Well it was the same house, 5030 Woodlawn.  When it sold last time in 2001 for $690,000.

Will 5030 Woodlawn be the first in Nokomis to actually sell for a million?  We’ll see…it’s a pretty neat house.


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