More Fall Maintenance – this time inside!

Ok, here are some more good tips – this time inside the house!

1.  Check all faucets, valves, and water pipes for leaks and/or corrosion.

2.  Check all waste pipes, toilets, and sinks for leaks and/or loose fittings.

3.  Shut off water supply to exterior faucets and remove hoses.

4.  Change or clean all forced air furnace filters monthly!

5.  If you have a humidifier installed on your furnace, check operation and clean.

6.  Check hot water systems for leaks around boiler and pipe fitting, check each radiator for heat, bleed as needed.

7.  Have pumps and fans lubricated according to manufacturers’ specifications.

8.  Check fresh air intake tubing, making sure outside area is cleared of debris.

9.  Know the location of the circuit breaker panel/fuse box, label all circuits.

10. Be sure you have not stacked flammable items too close to closet light fixtures.

11. Replace regular light bulbs with energy efficient CFB’s or LED’s.

12. Buy and install at least one fire extinguisher.  And learn how to use it!

A dozen useful fall home maintenance tips.  Surely you can check these off your list in a weekend?!


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