My 3-Year-Old’s Favorite Park

For those of you that haven't discovered the new…or new last year…wading pool at Wabun Picnic Area, you are in for a treat.  The park is a little hidden away.  If you aren't on your way to the vetrans home, you probably wouldn't even notice it exists.  Perhaps you've noticed folks playing frisbee golf as you head accross the Ford Bridge?  Well just beyond them is the park.  There are two playgrounds, numberous pavillions, restrooms, and one great wading pool.


The pool features a zero-entrance beach like boarder that allows for the smallest of toddlers to experiment with splashing in the water.  The center of the pool has a large structure pumping out water falls, and there are two other areas with water jetting up several feet in the air.  Word is that Hiawatha's wading pool is going under a similar transformation.


Check out Sea Salt Eatery!

The Sea Salt Eatery, a summer destination for Nokomis and Longfellow "foodies," was the site of a lunch appointment with a good friend of mine a couple weeks ago.  I'll admit this was my first time eating there, even though I had thought about it many times.  Located right next to Minnehaha Falls, it's a great spot to enjoy a summer meal.  While you wait for your food, go watch the water tumble over the falls or walk down to the Song of Hiawatha Garden.  When your food arrives, take a seat at one of the outdoor tables and enjoy!  The dishes are mainly seafood options, but there is plenty of variety.  I enjoyed the crab cake plate and my friend enjoyed the fried shrimp plate.  The food is reasonably priced and really is a great setting!  Get there early on beautiful summer evenings though, word is that the line can sometimes be "out the door."