Who’s Excited for the German-style Holiday Market in Minneapolis? THIS GUY!!!

I went to a very mediocre college.  But I still managed some lifelong benefits and memories from that time. The best part was meeting some of the amazing people I met, especially my wife!  And the second best part was a semester in London.

At the end of the semester I took two weeks to backpack around Europe with some of my classmates.  It was early December and I was homesick.  Every German city, large or small, that we visited had a Christmas Market set up in the town square.  The old town squares were ridiculously charming with ornate facades of buildings and cathedrals older than our country creating backdrops for open and car free squares. The markets were filled with stands selling unique ornaments that looked just like the ones on my family’s tree at home, candied nuts roasting that smelled just like Christmas at home, and faces that looked so familiar.  Everyone in Bavaria looked like they were related to me and I kepts seeing my family’s surnames Rockers and Mueller everywhere.

It was cold outside, but the lights were warm and the heat coming off the cauldron of mulled wine kept the vendors fingers warm.  In that vulnerable state of missing home, plus being poor, hungry, and cold, those Christmas markets were magical.

Ever since, I have longed to return or for the markets to be recreated in my hometown.  18 years later and my wish is granted!  And even better, I have two young children to share it with. Reliving the magic of holidays through your children’s eyes is probably the biggest selling point to this whole parenthood thing.  I can’t wait!  Plus, now I’m not a starving college student and can actually afford to buy some of the spiced nuts and mulled wine.

See you there:

Minneapolis Holiday Market

Holidazzle Village


One comment

  1. Trevor · November 17, 2014

    Yeah, I’m excited too!

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