I Finally Made it to Buster’s on 28th

When the restoration of the Lake Inn was done, I was pleased to see a new bar with big windows.  I have a thing about dark bars with no windows–even in the door.  It means you have to walk in with no preview of what might be inside.  I figure there’s a better than fifty percent chance that a record will screech to a stop and a bunch of scary guys will stop their conversations and look at me.  Then one will threaten, "We don’t take kindly to strangers around here!"

With the new windows, I’ve been eager to step in.  I finally got the chance on Saturday, as my parents were watching the wee one for my birthday. 

I had previewed the menu on their website:  www.busterson28th.com.  I was eager to sample from their extensive list of fancy beers, but I was a little disappointed with their vegetarian selection.  They have a couple items, but no veggie burger.  And if I’m going to a bar for beers, chances are that’s what I’ll want to order. Fortunately, they were still serving the new brunch menu, which gave me several options (I went for the egg and cheese sandwich on a Baker’s Wife croissant).  Very decent sandwich, and very good breakfast potatoes.  The meat eaters were just as pleased.  The fish and chips got a big thumbs up.Busters

The server was very knowledgeable about the beer list and offered to bring a sample of anything I was considering.  I tried the Arcadia London Porter on a recommendation from a client (Nick).  He was right, very good.

I won’t be able to go back as often as I’d like, but I look forward to showing it off to some out of town friends next time they visit.  I told my friend Jeni that I was going to blog about it, but she didn’t believe me that I have a blog.  I captured her enjoying an Ace Pear Cider to prove her wrong.  Smile Jeni!