Fall Maintenance Tips

Here are a few things to do outside before it gets TOO cold:

1. Clear the gutters.

2.  Make sure the gutter extensions are attached securely and taking water a good distance away from the house.

3.  Make sure the grading around the house is sufficient.  Fill in low areas and make sure it’s slanted well to carry water away from the house.

4.  Look for gaps around windows and doors where water or air could get through, especially at the top.  Caulk those areas.  This will save on heating bills!

5.  Check the chimney for loose bricks, gaps in the mortar, or other damage.  Use binoculars!

6.  Trim branches of trees growing near the roof.  This will not only keep them from rubbing on the shingles, but will help keep animals off or nesting in your chimney.

7.  Clean leaves and other debris from around the air conditioner.  Turn the power off.  Don’t fully cover it so rodents can’t make a nest there.

8.  Check garage doors for good fit and operation.  Lubricate if needed.  Adjust auto reverse if needed.

9.  Check the caulking around pipes, vents, and other wall openings.  Check the dryer vent to make sure it’s not blocked and the outside flap is working.

10. Clean out window wells.  Consider adding covers for water control.


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