A Baker’s Wife Scores Again!

Wow.  I ordered thanksgiving pies from A Baker’s Wife this Thanksgiving.  Everyone knows how I feel about their pear tart, but can the pie stack up to home made?

I ordered two:  a pumpkin and a cherry.  Honestly, the pumpkin pie was a disappointment.  My mom’s is light years better.  She makes it from scratch, starting by cooking a former Halloween jack-o-lantern.  This pie only barely surpassed cafeteria food.

The cherry, however, was the best I’ve ever had.  In interest of full disclosure, you should know that I don’t like cherry pie.  Or I didn’t.  If it’s your favorite, be prepared that this one taste different.  It looks as normal as any fruit pie…here let me serve up a piece to photograph…oops I dropped a bit on the counter…let me just scoop that up an…slurp…oh no…scarf slurp…can’t…stop…burp!

Uh..well here’s the photo:Empty_plate

As you can see.  I like cherry pie now.  Don’t wait until next Thanksgiving to try it yourself!


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