How to Make a Buyer’s Market Work For You


It’s hard to miss the media’s coverage of the changes in the housing market. As real estate professionals we are more aware than anyone how the market is changing. With the currently record inventory of homes on the market, buyers can have a hard time determining which home will work for them. Instead of accepting that most homes will have small problems, we have found that many buyers tend to wait for one home that really says, "Wow" When a home does say, "Wow" it often says, "Wow!" to more than one buyer. Many competitively priced homes that show well are getting multiple offers, while other homes are sitting on the market for months and having to reduce their asking price in order to attract offers.

How do you position yourself to be one of the listings that get multiple offers? Start by seeking the advice of a Realtor. A Realtor has the market knowledge to determine what improvements can best help your home sell. What colors are popular with buyers? Is fixing a dripping faucet worth it? Should be buy new kitchen appliances? Should we leave our home as is and just price it lower? Every home has different answers.


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