Vacation in Sunny Nokomis!

While Minnesotans spend their summers retreating up North to the cabin and the lake, my new client is looking to retreat from the hot summer sun of Texas and to a cabin right here in Nokomis.  It got me to thinking, what are we retreating from? Nokomisbeach

When I go up North, I look forward to spending time walking along the lake, stopping periodically to skip some stones.  Before sunset I like to stop by the local shops to browse, and then leave with an ice-cream cone.  Then I take a seat and watch the sun dip into the lake.

I walk around Lake Nokomis all the time.  And while I was thinking about it as exercise, I saw a couple standing on the shore skipping stones.  Rarely do I stop by the shops at 50th St and 28th Ave to browse the local wares, or buy myself a Nokomis t-shirt at the Nokomis Shoe Shop.  I make a run to the grocery store for a gallon of ice-cream, but I don’t walk to one of the many local cafes or beach pavilions to get a cone.  And now with one of the Twin Cities’ best ice-cream stores (Grand Ole Creamery) opening a Nokomis location at Cedar and Minnehaha Parkway, what excuse will I have for not savoring a cone while I watch the sunset from the hill just east of the lake?

We should all take a cue from my Texan client and vacation right here at home!


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