Best Local Bakery Item…continued

My colleague has espoused the sugary goodness of the apple fritter from Mel-O-Glaze.  I’m sure it’s good.  But is it the best treat in town?

I say go North!..six blocks to A Baker’s Wife.  Located at the corner of 28th Ave and 42nd St.  If you don’t melt at the smell of Gary’s fresh lovingly prepared pastries perfuming out the door, you’ll make it your next obstacle–choosing which one to try!  If it’s your first start with the pear tart.  At first its size will intimidate you.  But you’ll soon learn that the best way to eat it, is to share.  That way you can pick out more treats to try and split them. 

Mmmmm…the light flaky pastry makes a nest for half of a pear swimming in custard.  It is simply the best Father’s Day gift you can get for under $2.00.


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  1. Sandra · January 6, 2008

    I second this! As a Nokomis resident, Baker’s Wife is one of the true ‘gems’ of our area – the best tea cakes too, and there’s something caramel I can’t remember the name of but it will blow your mind it’s so good!

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