What? You want me to talk about pie some more?

I know you've been on the edge of your seats wondering how my Baker's Wife pie experience was this Thanksgiving.  Well wait no more.  Here are the results:

Cherry Pie

Good, but not as good as I remember it.  I think the novelty wore off.  Still a safe choice for the holidays.

Pecan Pie

Now we're talking.  I love pecan pie, so maybe this is irrelevant to those of you who don't like nuts.  But this pie was tasty.  The pecans were perfectly roasted.  I don't know if he cooks it longer, or hotter, or if he pre-roasts the pecans, but it works.  And to prove it was better, my dog Nigel took both half eaten pies off the counter while we were out.  He ate the pecan, and he left the cherry untouched.


Let me once again write about my favorite subject:  A Baker's Wife. 

This is not an ad.  I am not a paid spokesperson.  I'm just a concerned pie eater.

Order your pie now.  The cherry pie is one of the best things I've eaten.  And to be clear, I don't like cherry pie.  It's that good.  Maybe if you're a cherry pie lover you'll find this wonderfully tart pie a disappointment.  Maybe you'll find something that you love about other cherry pie lacking in this scrumptious slice of Thanksgiving celebration.  Maybe.  But I doubt it.