Super Target or Neighborhood Store?

Target_carts_2 I admit it!  I was looking forward to the convenience of having a Super Target near by.  I was driving to Target and Rainbow every week anyway.  I might as well cut down on the mileage.

However, the new Super Target has been nothing but a disappointment.  It’s the most poorly run Target I’ve seen.  The don’t carry all the products that other Target’s carry, and they’re out of stock for half the items they do carry.  Every time I go, I leave more frustrated.

Then my friend said, "Why are you surprised?  It’s not a grocery store.  It’s a convenience store." 

Huh?  No it’s not.  They have lot’s of great stuff.  Right?  Well maybe not.  Now every time I go, I compare it to a convenience store.  He’s right.  It’s just bigger.  They have some food, but not everything you need.  They have some clothes, but not everything you need.  They have car supplies and sporting goods, but only the very basics.  And they have every possible salty or sweet snack that you don’t need in abundance.  It’s a convenience store.

Only it’s way more convenient to go to Oxendale’s. 

Sorry neighborhood stores.  I strayed.  But I’m back now.  I’ll leave my trips to Target for when I need cheap soda for a party.  If they have it in stock!


One comment

  1. fkaJames · February 26, 2008

    You are so right about this. I have gotten so frustrated with all Targets in the past 3 years or so, because they never have what I want. You’ve hit the nail on the head — they’re just a huge SuperAmerica without the gas pumps. And, sadly, they aren’t always cheaper, either. In fact, I read an article that compared pharmacy costs, and the authors checked all of the major players. They said avoid Walgreen’s and Target and get prescriptions filled at Sam’s Club, Costco or Wal-Mart (in that order). So, one less thing to go to Target for.

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