Ginelli’s Pizza – R.I.P.

June_13_2007_056_3I’m sure you all have you favorite pizza joint.  Or likely, several.  When I’m out on the town, I sometimes hunger for Pizza Luce.  Sometimes for Pizza Nea.  Maybe a trip to Red Savoy’s or Cosetta’s.  But when I’m at home, I call for delivery from my favorite neighborhood joint…Ginelli’s Pizza.  Their combination of fresh inventive toppings and greasy pizza goodness satisfies me every time. 

Whenever suburban visitors are staying with me, I always make sure we order some Ginelli’s.  You can get Pizza Hut and Domino’s all over the world.  But the local joints in Nokomis and Longfellow are each one-of-a-kind places.

But alas, no more.  Ginelli’s closed up shop a few weeks ago.  According to the owner, business has been slow and some other stuff.  According to my sources, the other stuff involved some no good employees.  We may see him back soon with a "take-n-bake" operating in Richfield in the near future.

Fortunately, there are many more local pizza places to please my pallet.


One comment

  1. Lisa Dunn · July 15, 2007

    Ben, Where do you go? This was our favorite place! I’m going to be grieving until I find a new pizza substitute!

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