New Target and Home Depot Just South of Nokomis!


I for one can’t wait for the convenience of having these two big-box stores so close to my home.  I frequent them anyway, but my drive will be shortened and I won’t have to deal with any busy roads.  But I worry about the local businesses.  I love my local hardware store, but I only buy things there when I don’t feel like driving to Bloomington.  Even though the service at Hudson’s Ace Hardware is top notch, they just aren’t able to complete with Home Depot’s prices.  I’m afraid that I’ll be tempted to Home Depot more, and patronize Hudson’s even less. 

And what about Nokomis Food Pride?  What a convenience to have them in the neighborhood!  But will I make the trip to Super Target now instead?

I guess we will all have to think before we drive.  If we want local businesses to succeed, we are the ones that must shop there!

Stadish-Ericsson Businesses

Nokomis East Businesses


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  1. Lisa Dunn · May 29, 2007

    Ben-I was sooo excited to learn about the new Target. Then, I started thinking…right now Cedar Avenue is one of the few highways were we enjoy a limited amount of congestion. Will “my freeway” now be mucked up by southern suburban big box store shoppers?

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