Fun Halloween Events in Nokomis/Longfellow Area – 2014

My House!

My House!

Spend too much on the kids’ Halloween costumes to justify only wearing it once?  Or just looking for some spooky fun yourself?  Check out these local activities:

Ongoing:  Minneapolis Parks always have something going on!  Check out the Halloween events here.

Tuesday, October 28th:  Quelle Horreur!  Trylon Cinema presented four different Essential French Frights.  Not too late to catch the last one.  Trouble Every Day shows on the 28th at 7:00 and 9:00.

Friday, October 31st:  Free the Beast Halloween Party!  Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre presents a fun fund raising event. Event actually takes place in Downtown.

October 31st – November 2nd:  Trylon is at it again.  Catch the final show in the BLOODY HILARIOUS: META HORROR series.  Catch Japanese horror film Hausu playing all weekend.

October 30th – November 1st:  More puppets!  Barebones Productions presents the Barebones 21st Annual Halloween Extravaganza at nearby Hidden Falls Park in St. Paul.


My 3-Year-Old’s Favorite Park

For those of you that haven't discovered the new…or new last year…wading pool at Wabun Picnic Area, you are in for a treat.  The park is a little hidden away.  If you aren't on your way to the vetrans home, you probably wouldn't even notice it exists.  Perhaps you've noticed folks playing frisbee golf as you head accross the Ford Bridge?  Well just beyond them is the park.  There are two playgrounds, numberous pavillions, restrooms, and one great wading pool.


The pool features a zero-entrance beach like boarder that allows for the smallest of toddlers to experiment with splashing in the water.  The center of the pool has a large structure pumping out water falls, and there are two other areas with water jetting up several feet in the air.  Word is that Hiawatha's wading pool is going under a similar transformation.